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Let's Find Out! Religion

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Our planet is host to diverse religious beliefs, each offering a meaningful outlook to its practitioners and rich cultural contributions to society at large. Some of the world's major religions are presented here to elementary school readers in an informative, visually dynamic way. Each text presents the history, major beliefs, and holidays of a given religion, highlighting personalities, cultural contributions, and core vocabulary along the way. With diversity and unity being integral concepts in state and national social studies curricula, these books help readers understand and embrace our differences, promoting peace, tolerance, and empathy for others. Features include: Sidebar features, including Think About It and Compare and Contrast boxes, promote critical thinking and engagement with the text. Fulfills important mandates of the civics dimension of the C3 Framework for Social Studies, as well as its psychology and anthropology annexes. High photo-to-text correlation makes these books as visually engaging as they are informative.

Number of Titles: 5

Interest Level: Grades 1-5

Guided Reading Level: K

Lexile Level: 880-940

ISBN: 9781625136428

Copyright: ©2019

Let's Find Out! Religion. Retrieved from http://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/lets-find-out-religion

Let's Find Out! Religion. http://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/lets-find-out-religion

Let's Find Out! Religion. http://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/lets-find-out-religion

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