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Britannica Beginner Bios IV

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These accessible, appealing biographies chronicle successful and inspiring individuals from a wide variety of fields: naturalist Charles Darwin, abolitionist Frederick Douglass, aviator Amelia Earhart, politician Alexander Hamilton, mathematician Ada Lovelace, playwright William Shakespeare, and children's author Laura Ingalls Wilder. Through learning about these individuals' accomplishments, struggles, and professions, readers will see the human face behind the history, recognizing that greatness can manifest itself in different ways and come from many places. Each figure achieved renown only after perseverance and hard work, which will inspire students to follow their lead when reaching for their own goals.

Number of Titles:  7

Interest Level: Grades 1-5

Guided Reading Level: L-M

Lexile Level: 840-930

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Britannica Beginner Bios IV.

Britannica Beginner Bios IV.

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