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History, Belief, and Practice
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Arguably one the greatest influences on the Western world, if not the world as a whole, the Christian faith can be described as a cultural and religious colossus for the tremendous effect it has had on the development of civilization as we know it. Although centered around the figure of Jesus of zareth, Christianity evolved rapidly, leading to the creation of various sects and traditions that have come to represent different peoples around the world. This compelling tome examines the philosophy, history, dogma, and socio-cultural aspects of a religion that has been found at the heart of both conflict and peace. Sidebars brim with interesting facts and stories that support the main rrative.

(2011). Christianity:History, Belief, and Practice. Retrieved from

Christianity:History, Belief, and Practice. 2011. EPUB.

Christianity:History, Belief, and Practice. 2011. EPUB.

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