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An Explorer's Guide to the Universe

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Book Description

Our Search for knowledge about the universe has been remarkable, heartbreaking, fantastical, and inspiring, and this search is just beginning. This series takes readers through a virtual time warp of our discovery. From the nascent space programs of the 1960's to today's space tourism and the promise of distant planet colonization, readers will be transfixed. Throughout this journey of the mind, Earth-bound explorers gain keen insight into the celestial phenomena that have fascinated humans for centuries. Thrilling narratives about indefatigable scientific contributors and technological advances will rouse the imagination. Each book is lavished with photographs and illustrations that transport readers more deeply into the interstellar action.


Number of Titles: 7

Interest Level: Grades 9-12

Reading Level: Grade 9

Copyright: ©2010

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An Explorer's Guide to the Universe.

An Explorer's Guide to the Universe.

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