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Galactic Geometry

Two-Dimensiol Figures
By (author),  Lisa Arias
Format : eBook




Book Description

Get ready to discover and uncover the properties of shapes. Learn all about dimensions, length, width, and 2- and 3-dimensiol shapes. With the rhyming text in this book, you will discover hexagons, polygons, pentagons, and so much more in a fun and easy to understand way! So blast off and learn all about galactic geometry! This book will allow students to understand that attributes belonging to a category of 2- or 3-dimensiol figures also belong to all subcategories of that category.

(2019). Galactic Geometry:Two-Dimensiol Figures. Retrieved from

Galactic Geometry:Two-Dimensiol Figures. 2019. EPUB.

Galactic Geometry:Two-Dimensiol Figures. 2019. EPUB.

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