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Let's Find Out! Weather

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Book Description

Weather is all around us and consists of all kinds of fascinating phenomena. Readers will be introduced to the elements of weather, climate, and the atmosphere. Other topics include the instruments that are used to measure precipitation, pressure, and humidity and how these tools help meteorologists forecast the weather. In addition to presenting all the diverse aspects of weather, each title will stimulate critical thinking by encouraging readers to analyze how weather affects them and the world around them. • Supports Common Core standards by integrating scientific knowledge and ideas and evaluating evidence • Eye-catching design illustrates different weather phenomena in photographs and diagrams. • Vocabulary boxes define challenging words and place them in context with the text’s subject, helping readers achieve greater grade-level reading proficiency. • Complex scientific concepts are explained in accessible but accurate language.


Number of Titles: 6

Interest Level: Grades 3-6

Guided Reading Level: M-N

Lexile Level: 750-780

Copyright: ©2015

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Let's Find Out! Weather. https://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/lets-find-out-weather

Let's Find Out! Weather. https://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/lets-find-out-weather

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