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Organisms that Glow

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Whether they glimmer to attract prey, to ward off predators, or for another reason entirely, glowing organisms are some of the most mesmerizing wonders of ture. This stunning volume introduces elementary readers to bioluminescence and biofluorescence, using accessible language to explain how and why various organisms make their own light. Vibrant images allow readers to journey through woods haunted by fox fire, soar high with fireflies that punctuate a summer night’s sky, and dive deep to view the myriad creatures that illumite the ocean’s depths. Boxed text encourages critical thinking about Earth’s incredible biodiversity and the behaviors and chemistry of living things.

(2016). Organisms that Glow. Retrieved from

Organisms that Glow. 2016. EPUB.

Organisms that Glow. 2016. EPUB.

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