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Political and Economic Systems

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Aimed toward upper level readers, this series seamlessly blends the history, theory, and practice of the most significant political and economic systems from antiquity through modern times in engaging and all-encompassing guides. Each book thoroughly addresses the philosophical origins and implementations of major political systems, the key stages of their development in a variety of governments, and an assessment of their contemporary prevalence in the global political arena. These texts explain the full array of political and economic thought and the role it has played in both social and legal progress worldwide.


Number of Titles: 7

Interest Level: Grades 9-12

Guided Reading Level: Z

Lexile Level: 1140-1550

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Political and Economic Systems. https://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/political-economic-systems

Political and Economic Systems. https://eb.ipublishcentral.com/product/political-economic-systems

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