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Saving the Endangered Gray Wolf

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Our planet abounds with a myriad of wild animals, but some of them are in grave danger of becoming a distant memory. This series profiles some of the world’s endangered animals, including the gray wolf, green sea turtle, and American bald eagle. Readers will learn all about their habitat, their appearance, and the lives they lead. They will also discover how human behaviors and environmental change can put these animals at risk, as well as ways people can protect them. • Side features pose thought-provoking questions and define challenging vocabulary words. • High-interest content will engage reluctant readers and animals lovers alike. • Timely—with new reports being issued about the likelihood of 1 in 6 plant and animal species being driven to extinction by climate change, this series could not be more relevant or urgently needed.

(2015). Saving the Endangered Gray Wolf. Retrieved from

Saving the Endangered Gray Wolf. 2015. EPUB.

Saving the Endangered Gray Wolf. 2015. EPUB.

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