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Steve Jobs

Visiory of the Digital Revolution
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Book Description

Apple is a famous brand me, and the imagition and forward thinking behind its success owes a large debt to Steve Jobs. This informatiol biography offers insight into the life of Steve Jobs, beginning with his early curiosity about electronics and moving through his various innovations to his state-of-the-art technologies like iPhones, iPads, and Mac computers. Readers will learn about his rise to fame in the world of computers and technology, but this book also covers some of his less successful projects. Many readers will be inspired by Jobs's creativity and unwavering determition to develop exciting and striking, but easy-to-use, products.

(2015). Steve Jobs:Visiory of the Digital Revolution. Retrieved from

Steve Jobs:Visiory of the Digital Revolution. 2015. EPUB.

Steve Jobs:Visiory of the Digital Revolution. 2015. EPUB.

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