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The Study of Science II

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Science is one of the most significant and influential forms of knowledge in modern society. These wide-ranging volumes provide an overview of the history and basic principles of five fascinating branches of science, including earth science, oceanography, engineering, medicine, and information science. Accessible yet packed with authoritative information, the books answer key questions about these disciplines for inquisitive readers. Generously illustrated with full-color photos, charts, and diagrams, these titles are valuable as curriculum supplements, reference materials for research, or selections for general reading.  Aligns with Common Core standards for science and technical subjects.  Hard science combined with compelling stories. Readers will be treated to the fascinating narratives of scientific experimentation, exploration, and advancement, while also being presented with the important principles and practices of each featured scientific discipline.  Historical surveys coupled with up-to-the-minute accounts of the current state-of-play and cutting-edge research and discoveries.


Number of Titles:  4

Interest Level: Grades 7-12

Guided Reading Level: Z

Lexile Level: 1280-1390

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The Study of Science II.

The Study of Science II.

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