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Thomas Alva Edison

Inventor and Entrepreneur
By (author),  Greg Roza | Heather Niver
Format : eBook




Book Description

Most readers will recognize the me, but their information might be limited to Thomas Alva Edison's most famous inventions, including the light bulb, phonograph, and motion picture camera. This brief introductory biography introduces young readers to Edison's extraordiry life and brilliant mind. Beginning with his younger years, this book guides readers through his school and work experiences, highlighting his inspirations and other talents, such as salesmanship. An overview of his many later inventions make clear why he was called the ""Wizard of Menlo Park"" and has such a prominent place in history.

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Thomas Alva Edison:Inventor and Entrepreneur. 2014. EPUB.

Thomas Alva Edison:Inventor and Entrepreneur. 2014. EPUB.

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